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Little Shop of Horrors Puppet Rental.  Audrey II, Puppet #3 with Matthew McAvene.

Little Shop of Horrors Puppet Rental.

Audrey II, Puppet #3 with Matthew McAvene.


We provide a full set of Audrey II rental puppets for Little Shop of Horrors.

Rental Puppets:

  • Audrey II - Puppet #1 (hand puppet with drooping leaves mechanism)

  • Audrey II - Puppet #2 (large hand puppet with attached jacket and fake arm & hand)

  • Audrey II - Puppet #3 (large costume/puppet that eats body parts, with large flower pot, leaves, roots, and an arm sleeve tongue)

  • Audrey II - Puppet #4 (approximately 7-foot-tall, freestanding puppet that eats people; includes a neck to cover the puppeteer, and 2 sets of vines)

  • 4 flowers designed for the actors to wear on the heads to frame their faces.

Little Shop of Horrors Puppet Rental How to video by Matthew McAvene. Matthew McAvene shows how to use the puppets in the Audrey Puppet Rental set. Starting with the smallest of the puppets, through the largest of the puppets which is over 7' long. Puppets built by Paul McAvene Designs.


We offer a full set of 24 rental puppets for productions of Avenue Q and Avenue Q: School Edition. Several puppets are duplicates of the principal characters in different costumes. Our puppets are inspired by designs created for the original Broadway production of Avenue Q.

Standard Rental Puppets:

  • Princeton: Graduation Outfit / Naked, Sweater Vest, Robe, Wedding

  • Kate Monster: Conservative Outfit, Wedding, Naked

  • Nicky: Hoodie, Pajamas, Wedding

  • Rod: Suit, Pajamas, Wedding

  • Trekkie Monster: One, Two

  • Lucy: Performance, Normal, Robe, Conservative

  • Bad Idea Bear: Blue, Yellow

  • Mrs. Thistle/Butz

  • Ricky

  • Newcomer

Shrek Dragon Puppet Rental.jpg


Rent the dragon puppet for Shrek the Musical .

15-foot-long dragon rod puppet is operated by five puppeteers & features light-up eyes.

Zoofari Party Rental Jungle Theme corporate Party Zoo Rental Tiger Decor Tiger Sculpture by Matthew McAvene.jpg


Make your event or production memorable! Rent this giant Tiger Sculpture! Perfect for a jungle theme party, a zoofari ball, an alumni party, a photo or video shoot, a music video, play or feature film, a sporting event, a grand opening, a festival, a private party or whatever you can imagine! Guests can take pictures and tag your event with breathtaking photos in front of this awe inspiring work off art by Matthew McAvene.

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About the Sculpture Rental:

  • Easy wall mount sculpture.

  • LED programmable color changing light up eyes

  • Realistic textures

  • Ships to you

  • Light weight and durable

  • 7’ x 7’ x 3’